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Best Acoustic Guitars For Serious Players

We want to discuss musical instruments today to change it up a little. And, since guitar is one of the most popular instruments ever made, why not review some of the most popular models and help out our fellow musicians, who might be just deciding which guitar to purchase.

Let’s keep it simple and feature only 5 models. More options doesn’t always mean better! In case you want to see more options, check out the guys at IndieHq who just recently published a buying guide: Best Acoustic Guitars.

1. Fender Fa100

Nobody can argue that this guitar just rocks! It’s 100% one of the most affordable guitar made by Fender (so far), but don’t let the price tag confuse you. It absolutely sounds way better than you’d expect, considering you’re not breaking the bank with it. Before buying it, we really recommend getting your hands on it first and seeing if you actually like it in real life.

But, if you don’t have access to a nearby music shop, then the review below should give you an idea of how it sounds.


2. Yamaha FG800

This list wouldn’t be complete without Yamaha on it. Most beginners decide to pick one of their guitars without thinking twice – Yamaha is a very trusted brand among newbies but experts too. That’s why we just need one on our list and we decided to go with the FG800 model, as it is one of their most affordable guitars afterall.


3. Seagull S6

Let’s be honest. Both guitars featured above are great, but if I had to pick one, I’d go with Seagull S6 every single time. Its quality is absolutely outstanding, exactly what you’d expect from a guitar that was made in Canada. This ain’t no chinese ripoff (no offense, China).


4. Martin DRS 2

Yes! Perfect example of a product where you get more than you pay for. Martin really impressed us with the quality on this one, considering how much cheaper it is than the rest of Martin’s guitars.


5. Taylor 214CE

Best one for the end. No matter if you’re a serious guitar player who makes money by playing, expert or just someone who’s starting out, this is one of those guitars that you just need in your life, no matter what.

It looks stunning too!


It’s a wrap. No matter which guitar you purchase from this list, every single one will do it’s job like it was designed to. You really can’t go wrong by picking any of them, they honestly all deserve your attention.

DJ Jazzy Jeff impressed the Slovenian audience

Two times winner of the prestigious musical grammy and legend of the cult series Prince of Bel Air, DJ Jazzy Jeff, returned to the capital of Slovenija. In the popular Ljubljana club, visitors danced with the rhythms of legendary songs. Some have already been archive for 30 years.


Jeffrey Allen Townes, born in Philadelphia in 1965, quickly became a class DJ at school. According to the organizers of the event, the link between hip hop and modern urban production with the prince with Bel Aira, Will Smith, was found by chance.

In the cult series, he played his best friend, who always flew out of the Banks’ house and flirted with Will’s cousin Hilary Banks.

The duo, which lasted for almost a decade, successfully threw itself into the musical waters. Smith and Townes recorded the first double-album on vinyl. In 1989, they earned the first grammy for the best rap performance, for the Parents Just Do not Understand song (Parents simply do not understand). A few years later, another Grammy brought them Summertime.

Today, the 49-year-old master of music production, after Smith’s break in Hollywood, devoted himself to music. In Philadelphia, a space was opened for music experimentation, studio A Touch of Jazz.

In the past, Slovenia has already visited. In 2011, he presented himself to the Maribor audience.